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Partners & Sponsors

Find out who our Partners and Sponsors are

G-HEAT has been developed through the close partnership working of a number of organisations, and is overseen by an Advisory Group chaired by a Glasgow City Council elected member and consisting of representatives from partner organisations.

Our Partners are all members of Glasgow's Fuel Poverty Partnership and include:

  • Glasgow City Council
  • Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
  • Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations
  • Glasgow Advice and Information Network
  • The Wise Group
  • In addition Greater Glasgow Health Board and Energy Action Scotland will also be represented on the G-HEAT Advisory Group.

We are working closely on this project with the three major energy utilities in Scotland, Scottish Power, Scottish and Southern Energy and Scottish Gas, all of whom have been assisting in the training of advisors.  These utilities are also represented on the Advisory Group.

The project is funded from a number of sources, including Glasgow City Council, the Fairer Scotland Fund, Scottish Power Energy Peoples Trust, and the Scottish Government's Wider Role Fund.