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The Service for Householders


G-HEAT can be contacted directly by any householder in the city with a view to organising a home visit from an advisor.  (Please note that GHA tenants will be referred on to the GHA Advice Team).  All advisors will carry photo identification.  If a householder wishes they can arrange to have a unique password to verify the advisors identity when they visit your home.

The advisors are able to provide advice on a range of issues such reducing fuel bills, including obtaining the best tariffs, making the most efficient use of heating systems, provide advocacy and assistance in dealing with the utilities in respect of billing or metering issues, arrange benefits health checks, provide access to grants or discounts for home insulation measures, and may also be able to assist in accessing discounted white goods (Fridges etc) through the utilities schemes.  Where appropriate and if asked, they will also be able to make appointments or refer householders on to specialist financial advisors through the Glasgow Advice and Information Network.